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Buying Local at The Atherton Market

So you’re finally on board with buying local. You’ve read enough to know that produce trucked in from far flung corners of the globe is loaded with artificial preservatives, and churns out an unfortunate swath of black smoke on its way here. And while exotic produce may make cash registers ring in other currencies, it does little to help our local economy. You’re pretty sure that meat and dairy products laden with estrogen and antibiotics aren’t a good choice for your family, and you’re unimpressed with the bland tasting produce at the grocery store ; those genetically modified hybrid varieties that would earn a nod of approval from Dr. Frankenstein himself -  produce grown on corporate farms using an arsenal of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in order to sell ‘ideal’ looking fruits and vegetables, whatever the season.

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Liven Up Your Leafy Greens

Kale and Swiss Chard have become popular, even trendy cool season leafy greens.  Blue Curled Scotch Kale and Rainbow Chard were our biggest heirloom seedling sellers at the Atherton Market this fall, and I always see fresh bunches both peering out of shopping bags leaving the market.  Their popularity is well deserved as these greens are loaded with nutrients and health benefits that can fill up pages in a medical journal.  

But have you burned out your favorite kale and chard recipes like an overplayed song? Try these fresh takes on preparing two of today’s hottest super foods.

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Guerilla Gardening In Uptown Charlotte

There’s something immediately refreshing about the COOP the second I walk up onto the concrete slab. Maybe it’s because right away I can tell this place isn’t the quest for aesthetic perfection that most of my garden design projects are.

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Holiday Gifts For The Urban Farmer

Whether the gardener on your list is just learning the difference between a shovel and a spade, or an expert well versed in the subtle differences in regional bat guano, all of these gifts are sure to delight and inspire this holiday season.

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Meet the Taub Family

Every morning, the Taub home looks on as a stream of joggers and cyclists pass by on their way along the’ Booty Loop’ in Myers Park.“ We love the tree-lined streets and convenience of being near the city,” says Kelly. “ I used to garden with my dad, right up until I left for college,” she continues, examining the leaves on a spinach plant. “I remember every summer we’d grow all the ingredients to make gazpacho.  Growing our own produce really gave me a greater appreciation for food, and I want to share those lessons ad experiences with my daughter.”

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