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Raised Garden Beds 

Kitchen Garden Raised Beds | Cedar Timbers Raised Beds

Add beauty and convenience to your gardening experience. In addition to transforming the look of your garden, raised beds give your plant roots more room to breath by reducing soil compaction and improving moisture drainage. Since you won’t have to step into your garden, you can make use of the extra space to produce more per square foot. Both styles of garden beds include composted organic soil with PermaTill, and Microfarm Mix fertilizer. Bring your garden closer to you and grow abundant, healthy produce while you’re at it.

Cedar Timbers Raised Beds

  • Approx. 12” high
  • Available in any size up to 4'x12'
  • Untreated red cedar timbers

Starting at


Assembled & Delivered
$500 Installed

Say goodbye to poorly draining soil. With a Microfarm Cedar Timbers raised bed, your edible plants have room to breathe, and your garden transforms into an elegant addition to your landscape. The Cedar Timbers raised bed design can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 4' wide and 12' long.


Kitchen Garden Raised Beds

  • Approx. 19” high
  • Available in any size up to 4'x12'
  • Untreated red cedar
  • Includes bench edge seating cap

Starting at


Assembled & Delivered
$750 Installed

Eliminate the backache! At 19” high, the Kitchen Garden is much closer to you and helps you cut out the bending and strain on your back. Add to that the 6” bench edge around the top, and you have a raised bed with a clean, neat appearance that also offers you a place to sit while gardening. The Kitchen garden raised bed design can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 4' wide and 12' in length.


Stone Raised Beds

For timeless beauty, strength, and a tranquil sense of permanence, nothing can rival natural stone. It affords the ability to incorporate softer lines and curves in garden structures, and a variety of natural colors and textures make it easy to be creative and original. Whether it’s a exotic imported stone variety or repurposed patio flagstones, natural stone alone brings the enduring elegance of an organic building material that has been used for thousands of years.