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Microfarm Partners With Florian Solar Products

Ever dreamed of gardening year round in your own premium glass greenhouse?  Microfarm can make it happen. We recently partnered with Florian Solar Products to offer their Geneva Greenhouse design to the Charlotte area.

South Carolina based Florian has been making high quality glass greenhouses for over 70 years, and their Geneva model is a state of the art, industry leading design.

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Better Than Plastic : High Capacity Compost Systems

Raking up leaves and putting them in clear plastic bags to send to the dump makes about as much sense as washing your car in the rain. Organic matter like leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, and vegetable scraps can be turned into humus ; an amazing material that creates rich, living soil and healthy plants.

At  Microfarm, we endorse the proven, three bin design used  by organizations worldwide to recycle large amounts of organic material. Research has shown that the ideal size of a compost pile is about four cubic feet- much larger than the average store bought, plastic compost bin . The mass of a four cubic foot pile  facilitates rapid decomposition, but isn’t too big to turn with a simple handheld garden tool like a spading fork.

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Chantilly Montessori School ; A Lesson in Teamwork

“Maybe you could use this to pry it up off the ground,” suggested a parent, gesturing towards a fence post lying in a patch of weeds nearby. “Good idea”, I said, looking up, and wiping sweat from my face.  I had only made minimal progress with one corner of the first garden bed, the handle of my mattock creaking dangerously. Using the post as a lever on a cinderblock fulcrum sounded like a better idea than peanut butter and jelly, and I was willing to try anything that let me to stop and catch my breath for a minute.

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Myers Park Microfarmers : The Nicholson Family

Meet the Nicholson family : Max, Daralyn, Max Jr., Jack, and Riley .  Daralyn is a laser focused Bank of America Executive, and Max a busy entrepreneur , running both the Sub Station II store on 7th St., and Charlotte Pedicabs.  The family started growing organic produce back in May, in a raised cedar garden bed, custom made to nestle in perfectly between the boys’ play set and the fence at the back of the property. “I remember helping my mom out in the garden when I was little, and I wanted to give that experience to my kids,” says Max. “The garden has been a lot of fun, something that’s really brought us together as a family,” he continues, smiling. “We harvested a ton of green beans this year, and Max Jr. had a blast helping us pick them. We just planted our beets, chard, broccoli, snow peas, and cauliflower , and we’re looking forward to a great harvest later this fall.”

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Waging War on Garden Pests...Safely

Ever awakened to find that your tender young vegetable plants - the ones that were destined for greatness  like a four year old piano prodigy, had been annihilated by greedy, marauding  garden pests  in the night?  Cauliflower leaves that drooped heavy with promise were all gone, a neat pile of green cabbage worm droppings the only clue to their demise. Perfectly seeded lettuce rows that would have put a mixed greens salad on the table every week were eaten up by hungry birds and fat slugs. All the while, a crowd of rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and deer likely watched from the shadows, ready to clean up anything that was overlooked.

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