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FAQ > General Information > What Tools Will I Need in my Organic Garden?

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Here's a list of the most basic, essential gardening tools:

  • Long handled , round point shovel: for transplanting & digging holes
  • Long handled, square point spade: for moving materials like soil or compost
  • Metal garden rake: for leveling and working soil
  • Paddle hoe: for chopping weeds, working soil between rows
  • Pick ax: for breaking up hard soil
  • Wheelbarrow: for moving materials around your garden
  • Garden hose: for watering your garden
  • Spading Fork: for turning soil and compost
  • Hand pruners: for trimming smaller plants
  • Loppers: for trimming larger plants
  • Pump sprayer: for applying organic foliar fertilizer and pest control solution
  • Hand cultivator (trowel): for small jobs like transplanting seedlings
  • Measuring cups: for mixing up amendments, organic foliar feed and pest control solution
  • 5 gallon bucket: always a handy thing to have around
  • Gloves and a wide brimmed hat

Last updated on November 27, 2011 by Matthew Kokenes