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FAQ > General Information > How can I keep wildlife out of my garden?

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Your best bet is a fence. To prevent deer, it needs to be at least eight feet tall. Leave the top 18” unattached to any support to create a wobble that will discourage climbing animals like opossums, raccoons, woodchucks, and porcupines. Welded wire or mesh fencing will keep out most neighborhood pets, and small animals like rabbits. Stop ground tunneling varmints by lining raised beds with mesh hardware cloth.

Here are some other folk remedies that are reputed to repel large critters, and also cost less than a new fence:

  • Hair clippings from the barbershop or dog groomer placed around the garden deters most animals
  • Dirty laundry placed around the garden also scares away deer, rabbits and raccoons 
  • Dried blood meal scattered around plants deters deer, ground squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons 
  • Rags soaked in ammonia repels skunks and rats

Last updated on November 27, 2011 by Matthew Kokenes