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FAQ > General Information > How Can I Give My Plants N-P-K and Trace Elements Organically?

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First determine the square footage of your garden, and then enrich your soil with the following organic amendments, per the application directions on each product:


  • Alfalfa Meal or Kelp Meal: Provides low amounts of slow release N-P-K and trace minerals, and stimulates beneficial organisms
  • Bone Meal: A great source of calcium and phosphorous
  • Green Sand: Rich in trace elements, minerals, and slow release potassium
  • Dolomite Lime: Adjusts/stabilizes soil pH, conditions soil, and adds micro nutrients
  • Jamaican Bat Guano:  An excellent source of organic nutrients
  • Dried Blood Meal: Nitrogen rich, fast acting organic fertilizer
  • Colloidal Rock Phosphate: Adds calcium, phosphorous, and trace minerals


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