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5 Reasons to Give The Gift of Microfarm this Season

Organic Garden
You’ve been considering growing your family’s organic food in a Microfarm raised bed for a while now. The local produce aisle has become more crowded than a bus ride across the Peruvian countryside, and just this week, your first grader asked you what kind of tree grows tater tots.  You would have bought once for yourself a long time ago, but were reluctant to take the lead on yet another family project.

But ‘tis the season for giving, so you can present your husband with a Microfarm Kitchen Garden or Cedar Timbers raised bed this Christmas. He loves anything made out of red cedar, and since it’s his garden, he’ll be on the hook for all the watering and weeding.


Every time you walk into the den, your son and his friends get quiet, and pause the TV. There are more pretzel crumbs in the sofa than dice in Las Vegas, and you swear you smell pot smoke. Piled up empty pizza boxes and soda cans suggest an larger gathering more suited for a convention center.

Not only would a Microfarm Cedar Greenhouse be handy for overwintering your citrus trees, storing garden tools, and starting organically grown heirloom vegetable seedlings, but you could push the teen party out there. They’re bound to learn a thing or two about gardening, and they’ll definitely thank you later when girls start showing up.


Chicken Coop
When you ordered that prefabricated coop kit online last year, it looked so adorable on the computer screen, you just knew she would love it. But when you got it assembled in the backyard, it looked more like the toy in a kids meal.  Your wife’s backyard flock is fully grown now, and when she puts them up for the night, the coop looks like a porcupine with feathers.

This year, impress her with a Microfarm Cedar Chicken Coop.  Whether you choose with the Garden Ark, Playhouse Coop, or the Garden Coop, you’re sure to hit a home run. All three designs feature sturdy cedar frames wrapped with galvanized hardware cloth mesh, and covered runs built right in. Best of all, you can stay in your jams and move on to the next gift, while our experts handle the installation.


Compost Station
It’s hard to find words to describe your neighbor’s compost heap, but here goes. It has the unmistakable aroma a Captain D’s dumpster and all the charm of a municipal landfill. It’s a tossup whether the raccoons, possums or rats like the chicken bones best. Luckily you have plenty of time to think of other descriptions, because it’s only eight feet from your bedroom window. 

Otherwise they’re good neighbors  and they throw an awesome holiday party. So why not surprise them with a Microfarm Cedar Compost Station this year? It’s a sharp looking design that’s easy on the eyes, and turns organic material into compost in no time. Just have a talk with them about those chicken bones…


Glazed Cedar Cold Frame
It felt like things were getting serious. So serious in fact, that you were just about to suggest some holiday ring shopping. That is until she casually told you that she was “so happy that we can keep things light and fun.” Guess you didn’t quite connect on that scuba diving trip to Mexico like you thought you did.

It’s okay, though, because deep down, you don’t mind another year of freedom. She loves plants and nothing says ‘sure we can keep this casual and fun’ like a Microfarm Glazed Cedar Cold Frame. It shows you’re the perfect combination of attentive, and aloof, you’ll be her hero on Christmas morning.



Potting Bench
Mom is proud of you, and for good reason. You haven’t lost a case in almost three years and you just made partner at the firm. You’re a great father, and you’re pretty handy too. You only had to call the help line twice to get that IKEA crib assembled, and every year you get the Christmas tree a little straighter. But custom made outdoor furniture? That might be a stretch, even for a renaissance man like you. Not to worry, because mom would be just delighted to get a hand crafted Microfarm Red Cedar Potting Bench this year, and so would the budding little gardener at home for that matter. We can even pack them on our sleigh, for delivery anywhere in the greater Charlotte area in plenty of time for the holidays.





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