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Chicken Coops

Garden Ark | Playhouse Coop | Garden Coop

Raise’em healthy. Raise’em happy. Microfarm Organic Gardens is proud to offer beautifully designed chicken coops that keep your chickens safe from the elements and wildlife. We’ll build almost any custom chicken coop design but the three featured here represent three sizes that house from 3 to 8 chickens. Each one has a fully covered floor plan framed with red cedar and wrapped with ½” galvanized hardware cloth. Rest assured that your feathered friends will be safe, secure, and in style.


Garden Ark

Houses 3 Chickens (3'w x 6'd x 4'h)

  • Red cedar frame
  • Includes wheels
  • Extremely portable
  • Open-air top
  • Egg door
  • Larger double doors

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Designed & Installed

The Garden Ark is such a versatile little chicken coop; just the right size to raise 3 chickens, and best of all, it’s on wheels! This design feature makes the coop extremely mobile, so moving your Garden Ark to greener pastures is a cinch.
Designed by TheGardenCoop.com


Playhouse Coop

Houses 5 Chickens (4'w x 6'd x 8'h)

  • Red cedar frame
  • ½” galvanized hardware cloth
  • Fully covered design
  • Colored metal roof panels
  • Exterior egg door and human entry door
  • Window and flower box
  • Available in 4’x6’ and 4’x8’ floor plans

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Designed & Installed

The Playhouse Coop makes raising backyard chickens more fun! Getting fresh eggs is fast and simple with the exterior accessible egg door, while the human entry door makes cleaning & feeding a breeze. The entire design is protected with durable metal roof panels which come in a variety of colors, and the window and flower box combination adds a touch of charm that’s sure to be a hit with kids as well as hens.


Garden Coop

Houses 8 Chickens (10'w x 6'd x 8'h)

  • Red cedar frame
  • Walk-in design
  • Exterior Egg door
  • Fully covered floor plan
  • Hardware cloth buried around perimeter

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Designed & Installed

The Garden Coop is one roomy henhouse! The standard version measures about 10’w x 6’d x 8’h, and can comfortably house up to 8 hens. It is a walk-in design with a fully covered run, and a full-sized human entry door. The Garden Coop is wrapped with ½” galvanized hardware cloth, which is buried 12’ deep around the entire perimeter to prevent predators from digging inside the coop. Designed by TheGardenCoop.com the Garden Coop can be built to larger or smaller size specs.